2016 NACARA Annual Conference and Training Event – Message from the President

2016 NACARA Annual Conference and Training Event – Message from the President

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Message from the President


Madison, Wisconsin is known for many significant things.  The capital city of the 30th State in the Union is also the seat of a world-class university, the home to a diverse assortment of manufacturers and financial services, and one of only two cities in North America situated on an isthmus where it is surrounded by lakes, the largest of which is the Mendota.

What may be less well-known is that Lake Mendota is the subject of the Hočąk peoples’ legend of the lake where the man lies, which is also the original Native American name of the lake – Wonk-sheck-ho mik-la.  The legend is a bittersweet tale of a young man’s journey to find a blessing promised to him by a spirit maiden who dwelt in the lake.  Journeying with his closest friend, and after encountering a spirit animal, the young man is transformed into a great catfish.  Once transformed, he pleads with his friend to join him so that together they might find and marry the spirit maidens of the lake.  But his friend refuses.  Though rejected, the transformed man blesses his friend with long life and then leaps from lake to lake – from the Na-sa-koo cha-te-la (Lake Kegonsa), to the Sa-hoo cha-te-la (Lake Waubesa), to the Tchee-ho-bo-kee-xa kay-te-la (Lake Monona), and finally to the Wonk-sheck-ho mik-la (Lake Mendota) – where he is united to live forever with his spirit maiden. (Paraphrased from Lake Mendota Indian Legends, University of Wisconsin, 1927) 

We have come to Madison following our own vision.   And, that vision has resulted in improved partnerships between member agencies, bringing us together to develop greater efficiencies in the supervisory processes.  It has led to more communication with our federal counterparts, resulting in the coordination of multiple examinations and, when necessary, appropriate enforcement.  That vision has brought new members to NACARA, broadening our knowledge and experience of the industry we regulate.  It has also caused us to enhance our outreach to industry, leading us to an even better understanding of those we regulate and the markets they serve.

No vision comes to fruition without the effort of those who share it.   Again this year, the efforts of NACARA members and your agency representatives have led to great results in realizing our vision.  I cannot thank enough those individuals and agencies who have made NACARA a success.  Their contributions have brought us to end of another great year.  Let us enjoy it between the shores of Madison’s beautiful lakes.

Welcome to Madison!

Anthony Polidori

President, 2015-2016


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